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We are at a critical pivotal point in humanity’s history.

Whether your perspective is spiritual, religious, environmental, scientific, technological, conspiratorial or social we are in unparalleled times. During the enforced lockdown there has been a global opportunity to reassess our own lives, what we consider ‘essential’ or what is really important to us, and of course to consider the future humanity is rapidly progressing towards.

If you have looked behind the curtain of the mainstream media’s propaganda program, you will be aware that what is going on in the world now is way beyond the consideration of Covid-19. The official news agencies and social media are now limiting free speech at an ever-increasing rate and are ridiculing and vilifying those who challenge the standard narrative as endorsed by official agencies. As a conscientious community, we all have a social responsibility to independently research and understand the facts about what is really going on behind the various layers of smokescreen generated to distract us from what is vitally important for us to know. New ‘Covid’ laws, policies and surveillance methods are being pushed through parliament across the board with little real debate or public consultation. They are being put in place in the name of public ‘safety’ but are taking away the human rights enshrined in legislation to protect us from dangers within and outside our country, namely our basic rights of freedom, free speech, freedom of assembly (to gather), health freedom and personal privacy.

This website is intended to give you the tools to create an informed and balanced understanding essential to a healthy democracy. We hope to bring about a a sense of deeper understanding, a sense of solidarity and to transform this time of change to be one which is designed by the people for the people, not for just a few. As we join together we grow in strength and our voice can be heard and acknowledged. Our family of researchers have spent many hours and days sifting through the thicket of fear based misinformation generated by the mainstream media which generally leaves people feeling powerless and compliant, and have collected together select articles which are based upon real investigative, open-source journalism. We aspire to support you in feeling empowered as a sovereign being, part of a rapidly growing movement of people who are awake to the fact that a minority of self-appointed controllers intend to direct humanity’s future for their own benefit with no regard to our safety and wellbeing. We are here to help inspire you to be a part of the change, to help you pick your way through the minefield of differing information as you do your own independent research and to spread this information widely amongst your family, friends and neighbours with confidence, compassion and integrity.

The quality of the world we create for ourselves, our children and grandchildren depends on our willingness to stand up and choose the future we want to make a difference. Our basics freedoms are at stake and disappearing rapidly. If enough people become informed and do not give consent to a plan for our future which doesn’t serve the vast majority of everyday people, then we can globally create the new future of humanity based on true values.

Rather than buying into the misinformation, mainstream media hysteria and playing into the psychological operations used to divide and rule us, our current situation presents many opportunities to join together for positive change. The society we live in has served a purpose in getting us to this point, and yet deep and fundamental changes are needed to break us free from perpetual war, from ever-widening wealth gaps and a system which begets inequality, corruption, illness and ecological disaster. COVID-19 has opened people to the possibility of radical change. For us to manifest a humane and just world which reflects the fundamental loving nature of humans we need to be as organised as those with selfish intent. We need to put our divisions aside and work together for a greater good. This is an opportunity for a collective awakening and a redressing of the power imbalance within society.

It is a time like no other, where direct action is our duty, yet it is a time to connect to a deeper potential and purpose for our race. It is a time to connect more with one another, to question our judgements, deepen in compassion, discover our own true nature and reconnect to nature. It is a time to become self-reliant and draw upon the healing power of foods, herbs and healthy lifestyles to create resilience to disease as opposed to relying on chemicals and toxic vaccines. To nurture cooperation instead of competition, and dream our collective dream awake together. It’s a time to choose clearly what we believe in and want to manifest, and to choose it boldly.

A beautiful future awaits humanity if we stand together and are proactive in creating that transformation.

Remember apathy is a fools consent.
Courage is infectious.

Become a part of the Solution.

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Be Informed is a pan global information matrix of humanitarians focused on being a positive force for good in the world, helping to support, awaken and empower our global family with resources to become pro-active in creating positive change in the world.