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COVID TESTIMONIES MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA Anon [name supplied], Melbourne, [1 Sep 2020, 12:26:40]: …Here’s my Facebook status I just wrote, an insight in to Melbourne

I no longer feel safe in Melbourne. It has become a divided city and place of us and them.

It is like a war zone with people sided against each other, locked into their homes, fearful of an invisible enemy, totally given the power and rights away, maimed and silenced, people cannot speak up to the authorities.

Travel outside of your zone ( ghetto) is not permitted unless you are a permitted worker under the authorities. For something as simple as removal of a cloth cover, you can be attacked by your fellow citizens and arrested by the authorities.

You are instructed to watch over and dob on your neighbour, this behaviour does not bring community together but sets to divide it - you are not in this together. Your family has been separated from you, elderly are isolated and dying alone- you think this is for the greater good. You have been isolated from you support and spiritual/ religious groups. You cannot seek touch, or warmth or reassurance from someone outside of your cell/home. One of your tools for freedom has been bled from you, your money and finances - some of you are now completely dependent on the government / authority- some of you will be in so much debt and may lose your homes. Without work you have also lost purpose and direction. You are now scared of one another- every person outside of your house is a potential threat and potential criminal.

Services to support your mental health and domestic violence have been almost shutdown, you may become sicker. Though even your newspaper is reporting otherwise, speak to those on the frontline, and Suicide has trippled in its numbers. TV / Screens/ AI is now even more one of your greatest friends and supposed upholder of truth. You have believed what you are being told, so you think it’s ok for the elderly to be locked up and your kids removed from you if the authorities see it as fit and for your safety and well-being. If you aren’t stressed enough, you now have the role of educating your kids at home while they don’t get to interact with other kids, and you don’t get time off.

You need a permit to leave your zone.

You’re exposure to fresh air and exercise has been limited to one hour , akin to being in jailed. Also your movements are being surveyed and recorded —- soon you’ll agree to more of this technology and control. Your life feels really threatened by ‘a bug’ - you’ve lost any ability to believe you have control over your own health and well-being.

You think if you just stop breathing, control your movements, stay silent, stay in your zones, bow down and say yes.. you’ll be set out free - NO, you’ve bought the program . Welcome to jail and war, and selling of your soul, life and rights. There is no get out of free jail card atm, unless you start questioning what’s going on.

Tell me, when did you agree to this?

We have a saying that gets thrown around ‘We’re in this together’ …

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