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Public Notice: Covid-19 Leaflet Updates

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Is the Cure worse than the Cause?

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Dear Brothers and Sisters In these times of increasing restrictions and censorship, where fear and bewilderment, and divide and rule is the strategy, we have to find effective ways to act, both by not following the ‘guidelines’, reopening, getting back on with our lives, and by educating one another.

Of course we are all battle worn from the often counter-productive conversations with those caught up in the propaganda, so one very effective and less confrontative way is to distribute leaflets through letterboxes.

We have attached a well researched print ready leaflet that has been designed for letterbox drops, that gives a step by step understanding of some of what has happened and is being orchestrated under the cover of Covid. Thousands of these leaflets have been printed and distributed throughout the UK and globally in 2020.

Independently printing 5000 A5 folded double sided leaflets through Solopress online printing in the UK costs only around £103. Please help by printing and distributing these important educational leaflets, and please also share this leaflet download on all relevant Telegram threads.
We can turn this around but only if enough of us stand and take action together…..
The great awakening is upon us…..
All blessings on your journey…..

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