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CHRIS EVERARD SPECIAL BROADCAST ON THE TRUTH FREQUENCY RADIO NETWORK: This video is 2 hours long and is a special broadcast featuring CHRIS EVERARD and Kev Baker - this is an investigation into the history of the BBC and how the entire British Broadcasting Corporation has been set up as a MIND CONTROL OPERATION nearly 100 years ago.

This BBC Scandal involves millionaire friends of the Royal Family committing sex crimes against hospitalised children… At the entrance of Broadcasting House in London, the BBC commissioned a known pedophile, Mr ERIC GILL, to make sculptures of a naked young boy and the Shakespearean magician known as ‘Prospero’. CHRIS EVERARD explains how the BBC employed a group of homosexual pedophiles to present television shows for children; Sir Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Edward De’ath, Jonathan King, Alan Freeman and many others - including 1970s rocker GARY GLITTER - to produce a series of LP records, public information films, radio & television shows which groomed and promoted sex with children.

This scandal involves the press officer of the Open University who was jailed for publishing Contact Ads to pedophiles via the Open University publication and also a specialist magazine called MAGPIE - this campaign involved lobbying to the British government to lower the age of sexual consent to just four years old. Many of these pedophiles were given millionaire jobs at the BBC - STUART HALL presented ‘ITS A ROYAL KNOCKOUT’ with Princess Anne and Prince Andrew - Mr Hall was jailed last week for multiple sex crimes against children.

Stuart Hall, Jimmy Savile and also Rolf Harris are all personal friends of Prince Charles and the Queen. This special broadcast also details how the Home Office in London lost many files containing evidence alleging high-level government ministers involved in sex crimes - the dossier was supplied by a member of parliament GEOFFREY DICKENS who is now dead. CHRIS EVERARD also discusses the Jewish-Kabballistic medieval magician Doctor Faust, and the Hebrew ‘blood libels’ involving missing children cases in Germany.

Other topics featured include the new DRONE SUPER-AIRCRAFT-CARRIERS launched by the Queen, developments in cyber robot technology with Google and in-depth analysis of the latest new stories. CHRIS EVERARD is a film director whose TV shows and radio shows are broadcast on the truth frequency radio network and also on the enigma channel.


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