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1500 PCR tests that were sequenced in October 2020 and all of them were influenza A and B. Not one was SarsCov2.

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“I’m launching a project in the last few weeks to sequence PCR tests because this whole lockdown is based on positive PCR tests but actually in the diagnostic world in PCR you would never diagnose with just a positive or negative you have to actually sequence what is the test measuring.

And there were 1500 PCR tests that were sequenced in October 2020 and all of them were influenza A and B. Not one was SarsCov2.

So the legislation of all the lockdown and so called pandemic and public health emergency

is based on the causative agent of Covid19 being a coronavirus.

So what I am personally doing is going to sequence PCR from informed consent from people in Ireland and the UK.

If those sequences are not SarsCov2 which would be I think a biological impossibility in January 2021 that then we can to the governments and I am intending to take an injunction in Ireland to the high court if the sequences come back as influenza that the government cannot be reporting cases as Covid19 or coronavirus. They have to be influenza.

And the medical doctors cannot be putting causes of death because they are required to treat people based on whatever the causative agent is and they can be truck off. But also they can be sued under medical negligence by people who have false diagnosis but the other thing that I am going to initiate is for people who are quarantined.

Like if you can’t return to Canada or if in Canada they are using these tests and they are false that people can then sue the ministers and prime ministers and the diagnostic companies and anyone administering the test and the reason is that the ministers and prime ministers are spending citizens’ or people’s money and that is under procurement and there are commercial [youknow] contracts and if they should be testing whether these tests are testing for SarsCov2 or something else.

If they are spending money and the tests are not detecting the causative agent SarsCov2 then they are engaging in fraud and that is malfeasance in public office which is a crime.

in Canada, Ireland, UK, America 5 to 10 years.

But the prime minister personally can be sued because that’smalfeasance, malfeasance in public office so any indemnity they may have had does not apply if they have not done their duty of care to check that the testing was correct.

So the way to actually bring down the lockdown is to actually sue personally the person tha tis requiring you to do the test, the manufacturer of the test, the hospital and the doctor and the advisory committees individually and the ministers and prime ministers [right?].

And so we will be launching, we might take a number of precedence cases but we will be and I was on 3 zoom calls yesterday with about 50 countries telling them that every country should be launching the sequencing of the PCR tests themselves and we will be spear heading it. Obviously I will be but this will actually stop the lockdown worldwide [right] because all of the legislation is based on SarsCov2.

If that is not the product of the test [or if there are].

We have heard from whistle blowers in America that they detected SarsCov2 in the buffer of the PCR test. So that would of course be potentially commercial fraud, diagnostic fraud but individual people can sue the doctors and the way totarget it is to sue them individually or their insurance.” Prof Delores Cahill in conversation with James Corbett of The Corbett Report.

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