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PCR-based COVID testing has failed and is not a proper basis to lockdown the nation, let alone decide on tiers for restrictions.
Briefing paper for MPs – 26th November 2020


The problem
Across Europe, including in the UK, we see the following:

  1. Daily “cases” sky-rocketed in Europe as Autumn arrived.
  2. Daily deaths labelled as “COVID deaths” rose in line with “cases” – to levels apparently higher than at the Spring peak.
  3. BUT: Total all-cause mortality does not reflect the above.

What is behind this conundrum? The central thesis of this paper is that we have a major problem with PCR-testing.
This is distorting policy and creating the illusion that we are in a serious pandemic when in fact we are not.
This is causing:

  • In the UK a significant proportion of current excess deaths apparently being caused by restricted access to the NHS.
  • An NHS staffing crisis which is exacerbating matters.
  • Unprecedented assaults on civil liberties and the economy.

What we need to do about this:

  • Stop mass-testing using PCR in the UK and replace with Lateral Flow Tests where required. If we are correct, this single measure alone will cause a sudden drop in “cases” (as seen in Liverpool) and allow the UK to return to normal life within weeks.

  • Other recommendations as detailed later in this document.

It should be noted that legal cases and technical challenges to PCR mass-testing are growing across Europe, including in the UK.
NB: The info contained in this paper is merely illustrative of some of the key issues and does not represent the totality of the evidence available.

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