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We have been told that lockdown and other political measures, in response to COVID-19, are all “led by science." This is not science in a form that most of us would recognise, however.
It appears to be the antithesis of science.

Science can become very complex very quickly.
Depth of knowledge, in any scientific discipline, is usually required to fully understand it.
Consequently, we are often in the hands of the “experts."

Many people decry these experts but, without those who have expert knowledge, knowledge itself could not progress.
Experts aren’t the problem.
The problem is that our reliance upon experts can be exploited by those with a vested interest.

The political response to COVID-19 claims legitimacy by citing scientific experts.
The UK government say they are guided by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE).
The two most high profile SAGE members are Sir Patrick Vallance and Chris Witty.

Sir Patrick, the government’s Chief Scientific Advisor, is the former director of R&D at GlaxoSmithKline and has a considerable vested financial interest with the pharmaceutical giant.
However, this is not a conflict of interest because the government say it isn’t.

UKColumn: Iain Davis

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