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Bufo Alvarius Ceremony 15/08/2020

Entering the domain of Bufo Alvarius is very difficult. As my ego self began to dissolve I was thrust into an almighty panic – a breakdown of reality as I knew it. I called for Jesus but I felt there was nobody there to help me, this was a kind of death of that I am sure.

There may have been some time passed – there is a blackout.

My first conscious thoughts were focused on a network of light that was forming around a slowly and gently rotating vortex, this light grew brighter as it pulsed towards the centre, branching inwards from the dark infinite universe and uniting in the centre. This entity was breathing and the expansion and contraction of the breath matched that of the chant I could hear around me, the music permeating my soul,

‘Ammmmm…. mour…. Re,ee, ‘Ammmmm…. mour…. Re,ee,‘Ammmmm…. mour…. Re,ee,‘Ammmmm…. mour…. Re,ee,- (love).


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