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Fiction: Private sector employers can force workers to have a Covid vaccine.

Law: They cannot do so unless the Courts accept that the interference with your right right to bodily autonomy – a fundamental right maintained through the Human Rights Act 1998 – is justified. And the law is that the Courts can only accept justification based on evidence, not government messaging. We do not believe the evidence for justification exists.

With your help through a crowd funded legal action, we are going to Court urgently to stop No jab, no pay. Please take one minute to read about the case here and pledge your support.

(Although the ECHR has recently ruled that a particular vaccine treatment with long history of safe use in Czechoslovakia could be mandated, that was a decision on its particular facts, not involving experimental treatment with novel technology still in trials.)

If you are facing an imminent threat if you won’t have a Covid vaccine, whether its the first or second dose, please register your interest on our Ain’t Just Whilstling page. Although this applies to all sectors, we immediately have the private healthcare sector in our sights for this test case. Register here and spread the word.


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