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**Football for vaccination? UK could go full Orwell with ‘QR code certificates’ as health authorities pick carrot over stick **

The UK may offer incentives so people get the Covid-19 jab, rewarding compliance with a special QR code they can use as proof of vaccination for entry into sports matches and other events, sources told the UK’s Daily Telegraph.

Hoping to motivate Britons to seek out the still-unapproved jab, the government is mulling issuing QR codes or another form of digital immunity certificate to vaccine recipients’ mobile phones, allowing them to attend cultural and sporting events closed to the unvaccinated, sources told the Telegraph on Tuesday.

One minister pointed out that the Tokyo Olympics, which has been postponed until next year due to the pandemic, is already considering requiring proof of vaccination for spectators. “I think there are lots of people who think it is a logical extension and lots of people are interested in it,” he told the outlet, adding that “some countries” already required a battery of shots in order to work in a state-run nursery prior to Covid-19. He didn’t say which countries those were.

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