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This community has been asking for a response to the Coronavirus. While I strongly believe that there is too much bandwidth of the collective human consciousness being spent on this topic, I will try to help us move on to apply our great capacity and ingenuity to fulfill the deep purpose that we each have at this tipping point of humankind.



Get great sleep
Can you average 8 hours of sleep at least 5 days a week? An early bedtime no later than 10pm is a critical cornerstone of good sleep. Get as much outdoor activity and exercise as you can
Find a few minutes every day to be outside in the freshest air and sunlight you can find.

Stay well hydrated
View our Hydration Series to learn more about how our bodies interact with water.
Don’t watch the news
A morning glance at the headlines will be enough to keep you abreast of the hysteria, and perhaps some real facts once in a while.

Eat real food with good company
Choose foods that nourish you. Grow your own whenever possible and choose food that is regeneratively grown. Remember, the most important element of any meal is who is sitting at your table, not what is on it.

Avoid or reduce alcohol to one glass daily
Be fully present in the moment and reduce inputs that degrade your immune system.

Pursue a creative outlet for at least 10 minutes a day
Find joy in the opportunity to create.

Avoid processed foods and sugar
Replace processed and sugary options with freshly grown immunity boosting fruit and vegetables.

Laugh often
Challenge yourself to be a kid again and feel the joy in your daily experience.

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