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Charter of the Forest 800 celebrates the anniversary of the charter first issued in 1217 as a companion document to the better-known Magna Carta. For ordinary folk, the Charter of the Forest was a far more significant document than the Magna Carta because it aimed to stop royal encroachment of common land and protect the rights of commoners to gain their livelihood from commons resources.

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The Birth Certificate has a Crown Copyright stamp in the middle of it. You do not own it, Her Majesty The Queen does. The Crown Copyright Reserved commenced on 1 July 1912, The Copyright Act 1956, The Crown Copyright is now defined in section 163 of the Copyright Designs And Patents Act 1988, The Statutory Register and Records, Birth Marriages Death Land Title and Company Registers. So now you know that the Birth Certificate is not yours. but hold on, my Name(s) and Surname is on that Document.

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